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Killer start to 2012.  Seth and Zoe shaped new grips for addition to the Teknik line, a few of which were previewed in foam in an earlier post in 2011.  Well, they are now all in production and all… HERE:

Big Fat Slopers

These are BIG… FAT… SLOPERS.  Can you tell?  Each of these holds is feature size but we have still been able to keep the cost of a full set reasonable, especially when you compare to some of the rest of the climbing holds on the market.  We did a little looking around and there are some very high priced grips out there.

Teknik have been making awesome tools for the routesetting trade for over 12 years, and Seth and Zoe do want to run a good business and make money, to keep being able to make awesome grips, but, we do not want to charge customers an arm, leg, or any other body parts for holds.  Teknik make the highest quality shapes but keep them very competitively priced, and keep you with all your appendages so you can climb on them.

Long Pinches

What is Teknik perhaps best known for?  Making amazing pinches.  Some of you may recall an older set of Teknik big pinches that this new set is reminiscent of.  These new Long Pinches will be instant classics I am sure.  They are each nearly a foot and a half long, easily matchable and all the shapes are positive making them nice additions for nearly any wall angle and some raw compression climbing on horizontal steep walls if you have the power for it.



The Problematics are another gigantic set of 5.  Straightforward shapes – rectangular blocks that will be excellent for compression pulling on overhangs walls, tricky lie-backs and contortion on low angle stuff, and great for adding itty bitty grips like the new No Shadow Tip Toes screw-ons to, for thumb catches (shown further below).

There are three new sets that are similar to the Problematics, in their geometric flat-planed designs, but are super low profile.  Each is a set of 10.  The Formulas are the biggest set of the bunch, The Equations just a touch smaller in size.











And the last of this design type, the Numericals, we categorize in the footholds section, since they are the smallest – though they can certainly be used as hands as well.


All of these shapes are great for slabs, aretes, and for additions to volumes and will help you create some very delicate climbing indeed.







Not only are there the three new sets of 5 above that are all basically sets of Indy-sized feature holds, there is also this monster:


Bloctite is like the Pinchtite, awesome for pressing/mantling, cool to jump to, equally good for wrestling with… except this guy has a bit more bite, coming to more of a tapered point at the top.  Suffice it to say this Indy introduction will also be great for creative lower body work, like knee-bars, heel-hooks, toe-catches, foot-hugs, etc.


And, two more sets to round out the new designs for early 2012.  The Loafers set of 20 are going to be top sellers.  These shapes are very simple rounded grips classified in the foothold category but equally functional as small hands for bump holds, aretes, volumes, or if you just want to litter the wall with these roundies – you can make a crimp tension polka-dot route.

No Shadow Tip Toes

The last new set is a variation on the brilliant low profile No Shadow Hands and No Shadow Feet.  These shapes are so popular nowadays that setters will refer to other brands’ low profile pancake shapes as No Shadows.  The NS shapes are perfect for smear feet, on slabs, kickwalls, etc.  Many times I have used the NSF and NSH myself as screw-ons, in spots where no t-nut presents itself.  They are fantastic for intricate footwork and tension.  So… Why not a perfect small screw-on set of 20 No Shadows?  YES – No Shadow Tip Toes!

I hope everyone likes all these shapes as much as I do.  I had a permanent grin all morning when I saw these new grips, and they posed for their first photos.  I kept shaking my head at the Big Fat Slopers, Problematics, Long Pinches and Bloctite – talking to them… “You guys are BIG… Whoa”.  We got a nice exchange going and it’s the start of a blossoming friendship… I am excited to be working with them closely for the first time in a few days, routesetting for ABS Nationals.  They said they are looking forward to it.

Teknik is again a season sponsor of USA Climbing, and those of you who may be headed to the ABS Youth and Open Championships out here in Colorado in the coming weeks will get a look at many of these new creations.  Hope to see you there!

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