Teknik à la ABS Nationals

Teknik is once again a season sponsor of USA Climbing. Our newest shapes, in addition to a whole wack of classics made it onto the walls over the last two weekends for the ABS Open and Youth bouldering Championships. Chris Danielson and the USA Climbing setting team laced up the walls with some amazing looking problems for two very successful events.

The film crew from Louder Than 11 was there and filmed the action. Check out the promo vid below that they did for us with pro setter Scott Mechler (he’s been setting comps with Teknik since back in the PCA days!), as well as other footage from the comp here.

Yup, as seen in the video, Big Fat Slopers and Problematics at 25% off for the next 10 days only. Just send us an email with your order including the following line ‘Fat and Problematic’.

Retail prices for the new sets are as follows (see Chris’ blog post below this one for photos and descriptions of the holds):

Big Fat Slopers $150
Problematics $150
Bloctite: $67
Long Pinches $120
Formulas: $82
Equations: $66
Numericals: $46
Loafers: $60
No Shadow Tip Toes:$42

I’ll get actual photos onto the website soon- I just got my first sets of each of these on my doorstep today woo-hoo!

My boxes of new shapes just arrived!

Seth set a Canadian Tour de Bloc comp in Edmonton a couple weekends ago. He set the entire finals on his own, and went off with the new shapes.

Formula on Problematic

I love how he screwed the Formulas and Equations onto the Problematics, lining up the angle breaks on both holds perfectly.


Hey, and before you get too craaazy about all the awesome new big holds, keep in mind that some of Chris’s favorites as a setter were the tiny little No Shadow Tip Toes. Micro tweaking at it’s finest….


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  1. tonde Says:

    It must be a geeky route setter thing but my favorite set were the new No Shadow Tip toes. Love the idea that the No Shadow family is getting bigger

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