Teknik* Handholds

Here's some content from a Daniel Woods fanboy (that is me, Seth)

First-able: DWoods unlocking the ridiculously neat/creative sequence on Men's Finals #1. It revolved around our new Gigantiplats and the almost-as-new Cobra Commanders. It was sort of a jump-and-catch-on-slopers-into-a-toe-hook-y type coordination move:

Followed by more Gigantiplats, Overplats and Cobra Commanders on toe hook-y/hard climbing combos:

Second-able: while we (I) are (am) talking about DWoods, I found footage of DW in the below "random internet moments" video, watch at 6:08 to see DW in the Vail WC semi finals - crushing some twinned NKR1's after doing some crazy upside-down-helicopter moves (he won this event for his first WC win!):

Last-able: DWoods in this year's USAC Bouldering Nationals - just awesomeness:

Written by Seth Johnston — May 10, 2016

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