Teknik* Handholds

Hello, and welcome to another iteration of the Teknik blog!

We started with a blog of sorts many years ago, called the Teknik Werd, before blogs were even a thing. It was fun; we posted photos of our travels to competitions, our Teklander fashion shoots, our pro tour to Japan, and other adventures and awesomeness.

Then as technology evolved, we moved to an actual wordpress based blog, which we named Tekkies. This hosted a bunch of big routesetting and travel articles by Chris Danielson and Tonde Katiyo, as well as hold shaping stories from us. But, our Tekkies blog got hacked and spammed eventually it vaporised into 1's and 0's which floated off into webspace.

Here we are again, on a new platform, ready to talk holds and all the random coolness surrounding them!

And to start: a short-but-fun vid we made earlier this year, enjoy!

Written by Zoe Johnston — September 30, 2015