Teknik* Handholds

Your Questions

I hear your plastic is awesome, what's so great about it?

It is awesome. We get our holds professionally poured for us, using serious equipment, out of a urethane developed especially for climbing holds, by a real scientist. It's great. The end result is a hard, tough, durable hold, in bold color, that is well finished. They are very resistant to chipping, breakage, and polishing, and will outlast other brands in heavy use at the gym. The texture and feel of the holds is amazing, especially when you powder on that first little bit of chalk. 

Will my holds come with hardware?

Retail hold orders do come with regular bolts. The bolts can be upgraded to stainless steel for an additional cost. T-nuts are not included but may be purchased. Wholesale orders (such as for commercial gyms, or school walls) do not include hardware, but it is available for purchase.

What about colors? 

We pour and stock holds for inventory in the following colors: green, purple, orange, blue, red, yellow, pink, and black. Occasionally other colors may be included as well. If you do not specify a color for your hold set, it will be in one of these colors, (and occasionally may include one of those occasional colors as well). 

If you would like your holds to be in certain colors, you can choose from our standard colors as you order, or you can note 'Other' color and note the color and color number in the comments. The palette of colors available colors is quite wide, extending far beyond our regular inventory colors- see our color page for details. Please note that although there is no additional cost to choose colors, it may add up to 30+ days for completion (color request orders are made to order). 

How will my holds ship, and where will they ship from?

Orders ship directly from our manufacturers shop in Colorado, USA. Production time on most orders (where no specific colors are chosen) is typically within 2 weeks, often faster, but sometimes slower; it depends on our current stock levels, the size of the order, and how busy things are. Once your order is ready, shipping time in transit will depend on the destination. 

**Color specific orders usually take longer (30+ days) to complete- please see above FAQ about color.

Please check with us if you are concerned about a timeline, and we'll see what we can do! We can often accommodate special requests.

We use UPS ground for US domestic orders, and DHL express for Canadian orders. Customs fees are included in the shipping costs for Canadian orders.

International orders (outside of Canada and the US): please email us with your order as this website is not able to handle international orders, and they need to be processed manually.

What if I don't like my holds and I want to return them?

No prob! Just let us know and we'll help you with the return. Please be aware that we can only return holds if they are in an unused condition, and there will be a 20% restocking fee. If you received the wrong holds, or an incorrect color (if you ordered a specific color) the restocking fee will not apply. Please keep your box and packaging for shipping the holds back.

Do your holds have a warranty?

We will replace holds with manufacturers defects for up to 3 years after purchase. The hold(s) in question must be returned to our manufacturer for inspection, and to confirm the defect, before a replacement can be issued.

Why is my credit card coming up as declined? I have lots of money!

Some (not all!) cards have a block on international transactions (our office is based in Canada). If you card is coming up as declined, and you're ordering from outside of Canada, this is very likely the reason. It is easy to fix- just call the number on the back of your card and they will easily be able to temporarily lift the block. Or, if you have another card, you can try that one instead.

Can I shape for you?

All of our shaping is done in house by Seth and Zoe, we don't take submissions.