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DWoods, amiright?

Here's some content from a Daniel Woods fanboy (that is me, Seth)

First-able: DWoods unlocking the ridiculously neat/creative sequence on Men's Finals #1. It revolved around our new Gigantiplats and the almost-as-new Cobra Commanders. It was sort of a jump-and-catch-on-slopers-into-a-toe-hook-y type coordination move:

Followed by more Gigantiplats, Overplats and Cobra Commanders on toe hook-y/hard climbing combos:

Second-able: while we (I) are (am) talking about DWoods, I found footage of DW in the below "random internet moments" video, watch at 6:08 to see DW in the Vail WC semi finals - crushing some twinned NKR1's after doing some crazy upside-down-helicopter moves (he won this event for his first WC win!):

Last-able: DWoods in this year's USAC Bouldering Nationals - just awesomeness:

Plats international inauguration at the Japan World Cup!

Our new Overplats and Gigantiplats made their World Cup debut this past weekend at Kazo, Japan in the Men's Finals. They are the horribly challenging but beautiful white slopers on Men's 2 and 4. 

Our man, Chris Danielson was the Head Setter for the event! 

Teknik with footless-ness

The fantastic folks at Beastmaker and the BMC kindly invited Teknik to be a part of their annual footless climbing competition - the BIFF

Well, we couldn't even countenance not being involved with an event such as this! So we sent some holds, and they got used, thusly:

The BIFF 2016

Over Plats and Gigantiplats added

Our new Over Plats and Gigantiplats are now online! 

I photographed these the other day at high noon, but ’tis the wintery season up here in Canada when the sun tends to roll across the horizon.. I may have to re-shoot when we get a more favorable trajectory from our star ;)

These big boys are huge, slopey, and just plain sick. It was awesome to see America's top male climbers being challenged by these shapes on men's Finals problem #1 at the US Bouldering Nationals last weekend! You can watch the finals round here




Written by Zoe Johnston — February 02, 2016

more Plats!

Plats, Plats, Plats. Ooohhhh, Plats!!

Gigantiplats and Overplats - molding soon to be completed and ready for you hands to grab upon