Teknik* Handholds

It's been almost a year since we released our exalted Standing Wave and we thought it would be fun to show a few pics of their US and Japanese debuts earlier this year.

Firstable: the Japanese Bouldering Cup. The Standing Wave and the smashing pair of Les Amis were used in both Semi and Final rounds to select the mightiest boulderer in Japan!  

Above, our Japanese distributer Crux's employee and Crux Kyoto's manager, Atsushi Shimizu. Atsushi was at our Teknik vs Japan event - way back when - as a high schooler, and is still ripping with his fresh and unique climbing style.

Above, two of the very, very best in the world: Tomoa Narasaki and Kokoro Fujii. How can it get any better than Standing Waves on mirrored boulder problems, with these two..?

Then, it made it's North American debut at the USAC Bouldering National Championships. Here are some behind-the-scenes pics of the Standing Waves being prepped, arranged and then mounted


Then some in-front-of-the-scenes pics of the moves being sent upon, thusly:

Above, the magnificent Carlos Traversi and the singular Josh Larson just flying around on these things.

Lastable, a pic I took of a Standing Wave at my local bouldering gym that I loved and could juuuuust about almost do.. But couldn't, and I didn't


 Until next time!

Written by Zoe Johnston — March 01, 2021