Teknik* Handholds

Chris Danielson took this pic of Garrett Gregor's incredible conglomeration consisting of two overlapping Problematics and a stacked Formula on top. When we are carving our holds, we dream of people finding combination such as this - but this one just totally blew us away! I even have this picture as my desktop image - major like! Garrett is a coach and routesetter at Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou and Didier Raboutou's (legends to the absolute max) kid's climbing gym and training facility: www.teamabcboulder.com

Garrett had this to say: Ryan and I started this thing about a year and a half ago where we set a comp wall for our kiddos so there's only a limited amount of climbs in a given sector. It gets them super psyched to try the climbs and allows us to do some unique things - this being one of them. We had played around with trying to get a bunch of these geometric shapes together back when we did one of our volume walls: 

Then we were setting this comp wall, started playing around again, and found this setup. Originally, we didn't even know what we were going to do with it within the climb but we knew it had to be used. This particular climb you jumped out left on a slab to this conglomeration, and then mantled up to gain a few more equations to reach the top. Wish I had the whole climb on video for you to see!

Many thanks to the crew at ABC Boulder for sharing these amazing creations with us!!

Written by Seth Johnston — October 18, 2015